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What is Pamphlets Only?

Pamphlets Only is a brand new Local Business Directory where you can leverage your existing investment in pamphlets and other graphical advertising to extend your existing  web presence or gain a foothold in the advertising wave of the future.

Some of our features

Local Directory: Classified Directory of businesses by geographical location, linked to google maps assisting your customers to reach you.

Contact forms: directory users can use the integrated contact facilities to e-mail you a query directly from your listing. Can also include telephone, fax etc. in your listing.

Availability: pamphlets are available at all times and can be downloaded or printed.

Updateable: Update your pamphlet to keep track with your latest promotion. Load your latest pamphlet directly to the Site.

Web Friendly: Linked to your existing website.

Fixed web address for your pamphlet.

Social Network Hub: Allows sharing and/or liking to all the major Social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc)

Green: Reduces paper wastage, no litter.

SEO friendly: Keyword oriented, links to and from your corporate website.

Community Conscious: Pamphlets only believes in Community. We will list qualifying charities and NPO’s for free. Deserving organisations will be featured in our blogs to promote them.

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